Thursday, 29 November 2007


life throws you a curved ball, sometimes more than one. It's a difficult few weeks. Sadly my lil Thai man didn't make it, he came through the surgery fine but just stopped breathing and there was nothing the vet could do for him. Awful thing is that, although I can't quite explain it here, I think Thai and me both knew. We did have a very loving last few days, more so than usual, lots of hugs and strokes and licks - we both (me and Toyah) miss him like crazy. I went to see him afterwards and he looked so beautiful and healthy. I suppose it is better than having to watch our pets get ill and deteriorate gradually and perhaps suffer but that seems little comfort right now. He was a big big part of my life for 16 wonderful years, he and Toyah have seen me through some of my darkest days. Now it's just us two ladies in the house and so lil Toyah has my undivided attention and love all to herself.

I miss him.