Sunday, 29 July 2007

Where does the time go ..........

I can't believe I haven't posted all week. To be honest I think that's the result of a very late night/early morning on Monday when my SleazyJet flight was delayed and I didn't get to E's until after 1am in the morning, then London Monday and Tuesday and late home again. Kind of knock's the stuffin out of ya for the whole week.

Ah well, not to worry, I've been pretty productive around the house. My home improvement/DIH (that's Do it Herself for the uninitiated) projects are coming along and hopefully soon there will be some stuff going on here at my abode that I've been waiting for since I moved in.

I had a very quiet weekend, some online stuff chatting with friends, and my mom and sister over for dinner. Shopping with my best friend and generally just enjoying being with my nearest and dearest. I did buy a swimsuit which looks fabulous - should I ever want a career as a Porn Star!! I gave it to my baby sister as she's not so curvy up top as me. I have some funny pics of her modelling it but it's getting late and I need to get my weary a$$ to bed so I'll save them for later in the week.

As usual I've been feeding all my feline visitors, they weren't quite sure what to make of Taz (my sis's doggie) but he's a real sweetie and isn't a cat chasing dog. Somehow I seem to attrack animals (thankfully they're usually only the four legged type lol!).

Only other thing that comes to mind is the Vegas ticker counting down all the time .......... I'll probably bore everyone to tears by the time it comes around. There are now six of us going, so watch out Vegas!! If you've never been, I would recommend it, most definitely a Disneyland for adults, but not half as tacky as you might suspect. There is so much to do there, so much to see, and the atmosphere is just great - my theory is because everyone is there to have a good time, but who knows. Oh and almost forgot, looks like I'll be meeting some of my Jelly Babe team mates from UK Scrappers sooon. Hopefully Ra Ra (Rachel) and I will meet up on Tuesday but then at the end of the month quite a few of us are heading down to Tracie's for a weekend of wobbly Jelly fun! Can't wait to meet the girlies IRL!!!!

I haven't been doing much crafting but I've got so many ideas and things I want to try going on in my head that it can be hard to switch off - maybe I should keep me an Art Journal, because I'm sure just as many won't be remembered as are.

Right well off to the big city smoke again tomorrow and not back for a few days. Catch ya the other side of hump day!

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Best laid plans .....................................

Damn, damn, ole SleasyJet, my poor hun got chucked off the flight because they had overbooked and he was one of the last to check in ......................... he had his boarding card and all that but it seems that EJ didn't want to play and as I'm flying tomorrow there wasn't much point in him coming over tonight.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo I should be snuggled up with my hun and instead he is at home and I'm Home Alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway that meant that I did get to Forget Me Not and did get a lil housewarming gift made for that mad ole Frogg, Teresa.
aHHHHHH days like this!!!!!!

Friday, 20 July 2007


Yep, thank goodness it's Friday. I'm one tired bunny and need to get the house tidied up before my hun arrives - not that he'll notice but I just don't want to be doing any housework over the weekend whilst he's here.

This weather is sooo bringing me down, I am dying for some sunshine. Tried to convince E. that we should move to California but he's not having any of it ..... spoilsport! Although he has mentioned Georgia a few times - great food there apparently (I swear that the way to my man's heart is definitely through his tum!) mind you on having a wee look I could be easily persuaded!!!

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Trouble wi' waterworks!!

Not my own personal plumbing (mind you, on reflection, that would probably be a lot cheaper to sort out!), but that of my lil abode. I got a new washing machine delivered today and of course there had to be something not quite straight forward. The waste hose wasn't long enough to stretch behind the dishwasher and all the way to the waste outlet without an extension. Of course the nice delivery man happened to be a plumber in his spare time and for a fee would come back later and sort it, but determined ole me decided to try myself. Soooo after much ado, I'll not bore you with the details, a couple of trips to local B&Q and one very helpful roll of PFTE tape later, the machine is working, no leaks, and another thing of my list of "plumbing stuff to sort". Wish I could find me a nice Mr. DIY, tall, dark (very dark lol), handsome, genuine, honest, not too clingy, own teeth and hair, to help out around here ......... oh hang on, I have one, only thing missing is the DIY ........... damn, back to the drawing board!

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Busy busy

as usual. I've had a few days off and amongst other things was determined to get my spare bedroom decorated. It's been kind of half heartedly decorated since I moved in 7 years ago and was well overdue an extreme makeover. It's almost done now, really just furnishings to move (when I get new stuff for my own boudoir) and some pics and bits and bobs. I found a lush rug today and some scrummy fabric with 10% off at the Cotton Print Fabric Shop, lots of texture ...... and then managed to find some toning cushions from Debenhams reduced from £30 to £9 - bargain!!

Oh and I've been tagged by Marlou so I guess I'd better answer the 7 questions/facts below!

1} I used to ....... play the Cello and was a member of three orchestras.
2} In my whole lifetime, I have moved ...... 5 times {not too many and unless it's to the USA (I wish! lol) none pending}
3} Neil Armstrong (astronaut) ......... shares the same birthday as me {5th August and no funny comments about space cadets pluuease!}
4} I like to ............. take long haul flights alone, I meet the most interesting people!
5} I hate ......... snobbery and people who are sanctimonious.
6} Last movie I saw was ........ Spiderman 3 {at Lakenheath with my hun, typical boy's movie!}
7} When I was a child I used to ........ eat the funny shapped and coloured dog biscuits, I swear that why I have good strong teeth lol.

Right hoping that's enough of a 'fess up for you. I haven't tagged anyone officially, but ladies if you want to play along feel free (I just don't have that many bloggin friends and those that do are busy ladies so this is going to be a voluntary tag!)

Oh and I did manage some crafting recently too. Here's a double layout I did for a Moggie CJ I'm taking part in - my two furbies!

Thursday, 12 July 2007


Well not much achieved today but at least my camera issue was just a battery one and nothing more worrying.

Sooooooooooo tomorrow, lots to do and hopefully some of it will involve taking some pics!

Hugs n squishes to all who want and/or need them!
Ohhh and I reckon I was around 13 here! Me and Sam and Nigel on Dad's Honda bike. I had on a very trendy (courtesy of Frazers I believe) Tweetie Pie T-Shirt and notice that Sam and Nigel have on matching Disney T's. This was obviously long before mom had done lots and lots of work in the garden, transforming it in to a real wee treasure.

Lazy day

ever get that you have so much to do that you just can't quite get started!? Well it's been one of those days for me I'm still messing around not achieving much.

I do seem to be a bit jinxed at the moment though, my dishwasher has been on the blink for a while and now my washing machine needs replaced too, then to top it all my beloved lil Fuji camera doesn't want to switch on - I'm hoping it's just a battery issue - but if not I'll be mega miffed!

The weather is enough to drive anyone to drink ..... why of why couldn't I have been born in a sunnier climate ... us Leo's who are ruled by the sun shouldn't have to put up with it, should we? "Oh let the sun beat down upon my face" as the song says (Kashmir by Led Z if you don't know it).

Right well enough of this nothingness, I'm hungry and need to try and motivate my butt to actually do something with this day off.

Hope you're enjoying you day whatever you are up to.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Yeee Haaa!

What a weekend that has been ...... busy and full and pretty good actually.

Sam's birthday was yesterday and we had a fabulous relaxed late and somewhat boozy lunch with mum in Cafe Vaudeville, and if you ever hit Belfast, let me tell you the food is absolutely delish! I love the burlesque feel to the place, very tart's boudoir ...... bit like my bedroom actually lol. She was more than pleased with her pressie, a Troll Bracelet with Freya lock, a little silver crab bead (as she's a cancerian obviously) and half a dozen glass ones. A really good day for one and all!

Today has been busy too, packed up my office stuff as I'm moving offices tomorrow, same building just different/bigger space, then a lil shopping, back home and out to cut the grass (that' s the yard for my USA friends!) before we got hit with another of those really heavy storms, then inside to tidy up. Had a wee visit from my bestest friend, Carol and then some more tidying. Right now I'm about whacked and ready to sleep. Sooo I'm going to pour me some Butterscotch Schnapps and get my ass to bed. Busy week ahead too, hey ho, all in a days work.

But just before I retire I had a look at some friends blogs ....... she had this little test and I love messing about with these things so ...... here's the result! Click on the piccie to take it yourself.
What color is your soul painted?


Your soul is painted the color orange, which embodies the characteristics of balance, heat, enthusiasm, flamboyance, playfulness, aggression, over-emotion, danger, desire, strengthens the ability to concentrate, attraction, adaptability, and stimulation. Orange falls under the element of Fire, and symbolizes glory and fruits of the earth.

Personality Test Results

I'm liking that, do you think we see in these what we like? It it pretty accurate expect for the agression, 'cause although I'm a Leo, I'm a real pussy cat - you remember Puss in Boots from Shrek? Right?

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Not exactly tagged

but a very sweet and fun lady I know posted this on her blog so I thought I'd have a go ......................

2) Im totally freaked by DADDY LONG LEGS!
3) My favourite colour is PINK!!!
4) I would love to be able to GET BACK TO PLAYING MUSIC.
5) SUMMER is my favourite time of the year

Slow down girl .........

order to myself! Been a frantic start to the week and seems like I've been an emotional sponge, mind you whenever I do any psychometric profiles it does seem that that is my role in life. Lots of issues to deal with as a result of the day job and there are days when it feels like a mighty ole weight on my shoulders. No doubt this too will pass but I'm really feeling in need of some down time. ROLL ON VEGAS ........... boy is that a party town, can't wait to get their and get down lol!

So just thinking that yesterday, en route to the airport, I've noticed that there is a lady who walks her dog early in the morning. I've seen her a few times now, and she obviously walks her Golden Retriever the same route each day. There is one particular place where they come to a field with a gate which is filled with our bovine friends, and here they stop .... her lil dog obviously likes these fellows because he stands at the gate wagging his tale saying hello. It really makes me smile because I doubt very much that the doggy speaks cow language, yet here he is obviously pleased to see these big black and white chaps, and they come to the gate and have a good ole sniff of the dog. Two completely different species being friendly and saying hi, how are ya!! How come we are the same species but different colours and some of us can't even manage to be civil to one another!?????? Anyway even with an O'whataridiculoustimetobeheadingouttowork O'clock time, it brings a smile to my face!

So tonights prayer - Lord, may I never loose my ability to delight in the small wonders of nature!

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Yeahhhh ...........

Well now I've discovered how to add some music video here too, so now I can subject visitors to some of what I love to listen to and perhaps just introduce you to something you've not heard before.

Been so busy of late haven't had time to catch up on here. Looking like the next couple of weeks will be the same - grrrrr - I do like my down time. Got quite a bit of travel on with work and will be teaching a scrapbook class in Forget Me Not papercrafts on Wednesday night. It's Sam's (my baby sister) birthday next weekend and I've got her a brill birthday surprise, well at least I hope it's something she likes.

Wonder where the summer has gone, or if we'll get the fabulous weather they predicted a while ago - don't you find all this rain depressing - or is it more so to me because I'm one of those people who is ruled by the only sun sign - LEO!?