Friday, 29 July 2011

time to blog ....

because I haven't been very good at it lately. Doesn't time fly!

I have been keeping myself busy as usual. I redecorated our guest bathroom. It hadn't been done since my dear hubster moved in and whilst we are thinking of remodeling it, it definitely needed a little TLC. Just some paint, a few pictures frames (all at knock down prices) and a window treatment to give us more light and privacy at the same time. Fresh and clean with just a hint of beachy!

It's really hot here at the moment and the flowers are blooming nicely. It feels like being a kid again because so many of the flowers, plants and bugs (both good and bad) are all new to me. I'm loving the butterflies and hummingbirds. Two of the hummingbirds are getting quite bold and will come and feed whilst I'm out sitting or grilling (food not me!) on the deck. Hopefully I might manage to catch a picture of the little male who has the most fabulous red throat. The pic below is the bolder of two little females who call regularly.

The boys are very well settled and we are learning more about their little quirks and likes and dislikes every day. This is a favourite pose of our boy Checkers - and looks like he winked, just for the camera lol.

As for my other creative endeavours, I have been making some more cards when I can fit it in. I am aching to get on and do more creative things but there are so many other much more pressing things right now. Hopefully in the next few weeks we will have created me some more creative space and I can get stuck in to all those projects that are on the infinite to do list!

A card for the "pocket" card swap

This one was for the "What a woman Wants" swap, and who doesn't want good times with girlfriends!

And lastly one for the "Gatefold" swap, I'm loving these vintage sewing stamps I picked up on Ebay.