Friday, 15 February 2008

Coming to a Scrap Shop near you soon ......

Alright, well I've been doing some creative stuff and this forms part of a class I'm doing at ForgetMeNot Papercrafts on 8th March.

Had a lot of fun doing this, not too hard, not too time consuming but effective so hoping to see some of you then!

So how was your Valentines Day? Were ya all lurvvveeeedddd up!!?????

Phew, first week back at work, squillions of email etc., but it's good to be back to the land of the livin, guess the ole travelling roadshow continues. Next stop, London!

Monday, 4 February 2008

A quickie

Well in my efforts to sort out my storage and space etc. I had a little jaunt to Ikea with Sam and Mum - well I say a little jaunt, it turned out to take us about 4 hours to get round the store (partly because we had to keep doubling back to find mum bless her!). I found this Lekman boxed which fits their shelves and they actually fit in to the ones I currently have - and even better a sheet of 12 x 12 fits too, conveniently hiding all the bits and bobs inside - cool eh?? Can you imagine the fun co-ordinating your favourite range of scrapping papers with your craft space - ok so I need to get a life ;o))

I'm definitely going to get three more although they stick out the back of my shelves a bit but eventually I'll replace it with the Ikea one. Does anyone else feel like their craft room/space just is consistently in need of one major tidy up!?

Oh and a funny story - walking around Ikea my mum came upon a basket full of hats in the children's dept. She noticed one that she thought would suit Sam and lifted it for her to try on. Mum did a little jump when she found it to be still warm - turned out the hat belonged to the big edjit who was trying on the kiddie hats beside her lol! Leave it to Mum. Oh and I then mortified both Mum and Sam in KFC. They were playing one of my favourite tunes and so I started singing - rather too loudly for Sam lol, imagine her face when I said I was going to get up and dance in front of the counter so I could see myself on their security screen!!

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Blink ........

and it's gone. January that is. Wasn't it fast? At last we're starting to see a little lengthening in the days, you've got to love that - I do because for me it's a sign that soon winter will be over and there will be new life springing forth. All those pretty lime green shoots and leaves, lambs in the fields and hopefully some better weather to get out and about and enjoy nature.

I've been a bad blogger I know, not posting for ages! Been busy around the house trying to tick off some of the projects that I had promised myself I'd do in 2007. Getting there, and it does feel great to be making progress with things that just seemed to be around forever.

Ok I promised I'd show off my bathroom when it was finished - well, it's getting there, but some little bits and pieces to be done. I've tried bribing my pal with the promise of dinner so hopefully in the next week it will be complete. Anyway as it's only bits and bobs I thought I share these pics with you. I'm really pleased with how it's looking - very grown up!

I've been working hard on decluttering too. Definitely therapeutic, and the advantage is the house is tidier, easier to find things and easier to clean.

Oh and some of you may have seen this but those who haven't, I had an experiment with dry run-on decal paper for the computer and made these fancy corners for my boudoir wall. It's just about finished now - only thing left to complete it is some nice rich dark chocolate - now come on girls - a leopard never changes it spots lol!! Some day my prince will come - just wish he'd arrive via airmail rather than pigeon post!