Sunday, 11 July 2010

Phew, what a journey!

Well here I am, finally after all the waiting I'm sitting at my desk at "home" in Los Angeles. Sometimes it feels very surreal to be here, settling down with my man. I've had a love affair with the USA since I was at least 18, so actually being here with the man of my dreams is more than any one woman deserves in a lifetime. I am very lucky and blessed. Going to try and keep this blog updated and will start with something more substantial during this week.

Managed to get Skype up and running this morning and connected with most of the family and my best friend so that was great. Very cheap so most definitely the way to continue contact along with this blog, f/book and all that the www offers.

M. is back to work tomorrow and I'll be home alone - wonder what mischief I can get up to lol! Probably nothing more than catching up on much needed sleep, unpacking my cases, and most definitely a little trip to Michael's craft store for some supplies. I did bring just one small bag of stuff with me but I need to make some thankyou cards and I have a 40% off voucher - not that I need an excuse though.