Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Executive decision ......

I've decided I'm going to have the rest of this week off as it's generally quiet about the office with most of my colleagues from across the pond being on half term. Although, I am actually doing some work tomorrow but that's for my own benefit.

So, what to do with Friday? Well there is so much needs done both inside and outside that I doubt that I'll have trouble filling the day. So will most likely be garden, painting or sorting out the craft room (which seems like a perpetual task I have to say).

Today I got some pictures from the lovely Becky ( who I commissioned to make some silver core beads for me. I asked for them in a range of red/orange colours and wanted them to have some gold it at all possible (as gold trollbeads are so expensive!) and maybe a couple of animal print type ones. Well I have to say that Becky has amazed me with her lampwork skills and come up more than trumps. Here are the little beauties I should have in my possession by the end of the week. Aren't they just delish!

Becky tells me that now that Uni is finished for the summer she's going to be very busy with the torch, can't wait to see what else she comes up with.

Well a day in Derry/Londonderry for me tomorrow. Now foreigners to our lovely soil may not know or understand why it is a city so wonderful they named it twice - but if you want to know, hit me up and all will become clear!!

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Happy times

Well that was a great bank holiday weekend! Not the weather of course, well at least not what we experienced in the beautiful countryside of Suffolk. It was truely terrible, now I expect it in Northern Ireland, but not at the end of May in the South East. Not to worry though, I was with my hun and watched one of my best friend get married and what a fabulous wedding. She looked fantastic - happy, radiant and relaxed and after the ceremony in a quaint little country church, we had a wonderful reception in a marque on the lawns of her in-laws.

Fireworks, free flowing champagne, and wine meant that I danced all night in my high heels and me and my dodgy knee (dislocated in January) were feeling no pain - well at least not until the next morning. My friend C. is a really special person and I am delighted that she has found an equally special man to share her life with. Mr. and Mrs. H. may you have many many happy years together.

Back to the ole porridge today and back to chasing my tail at work and at home. Just seems to be lots and lots going on in both at the moment but at least it keeps me out of trouble, and if you believe that dear friends, you'll believe anything.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Stop the world

I wanna get off! Phew ...... it's been a frantic day, work has been stressful and really busy at home trying to get organised for some time away. Not to worry, I have a beautiful wedding to go to this weekend and time with my hun so not all bad.

Thinking of whirling around made me think of this little pic. Taken on the rollercoaster at the top of the Stratosphere Tower in Vegas - now that was fun!
There might be a wee break for a few days but never fear ........... I will be back and bloggin soon!

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

One last view

before I head off to the land of nod - it's been a busy, frantic 10 days or so and I'm feeling more than a little cream crackered - another little marketing pic for Norn Iron! This one was taken in Belfast during the Maritime Festival and shows the very famous Harland and Wolff crane. Now it's either Samson or Golaith, but afraid I don't know which. This is where the infamous Titanic was built - and as the saying here goes ...... She was alright when she left Belfast!

Ok so this is almost idiot proof it would seem, so let me continue our wee journey around Co. Antrim. Here's a picture of my favourite place to go walking, Glenariff Glen. It turned out to be pretty cold and damp the day I took this picture but it didn't lessen the beauty. Great spot to go and clear the head of all the usual daily rubbish and noise.

OK so dipping the lil toe in water to see if I can manage to add pictures etc. Not rocket science to squillions of folks I know, but I'm a blog virgin.

I took this picture a couple of weeks ago on the Gobbins path in Whitehead, Co. Antrim. I love gardening too - well at least when the weather is dry (bit of a challenge at times here) and I'm not travelling with work that is. When I have visitors to Northern Ireland I love to show them the side of this pretty country that was all too often forgotten in the new coverage of the past.

Hopefully one of the things I can do is show more folks that this is truely a beautiful place and well worth a visit for all the right reasons - great Guinness, the natives are friendly (I would say that wouldn't I ;o)) and fantastic scenery.

Jumping In!

Well it seems like so many people are at this, and I've been thinking about it for ages and ages sooooo here goes. How much or how often it's updated remains to be seen.

I guess I'll need to sort out a profile, a pictures and all manner of clever things if I am to become visible on the www.