Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Holidays!

Well it's almost here, just another 30 minutes or so until some guy, with bad taste in clothes, supposedly is going to break and enter my house - oh I don't bloody think so!!! Hmmm on second thoughts, if he's carrying a Tiffany's box I don't care if he's b*ll**k naked lol.

Anyway I'm holding off on all my shopping until I hit Stateside. Yep off to Virginia to spend some time with my dreamboat and a bonus is that I get to spend his birthday with him too. Can't wait ... well don't have to for too long now do I.

So a few little piccies. A couple of shots from the continental market which was as the city hall up until last week

Next a wee look at some of my stitching. This was fun! I got to play with some of the disolvable fabric that my pal Angela gave me, and to use some silk from a favourite old skirt that I bought way way back in Portmerion, just a stones throw from the little village where my mum was born. I started this at the end of last month and wanted to do something that represented the frosty weather and sprinkling of snow we had. This is what I came up with ............

Well suppose I'd better get my butt to bed before some nekkid guy arrives with a big surprise for me!!!!!! I hope you have a holiday season filled with love, laughter and all good things, and that 2009, which looks like it could well be a year of trials and tribulations, ultimately will be one of TRIUMPH! Love and hugs to all. xoxox

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Busy busy bee ............

Sometimes, well most times, there are just not enough hours in the day to do the things that bring us joy!

I've been busy with work and left with little energy for too much else. Luckily though, I'm not having to do too much preparation for Xmas this year as I'm off to my baby bros for dinner and then Virginia beckons.

Bit of a funk today as I've had bad news about three friends who are going through difficult times and my heart goes out to each and every one of them. I could put all sorts of trite sayings in here ... you know all the "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" and such like, but tonight I'm in a B0ll0CKS to that mood! These lovely ladies have had more than their fair share of heartbreak and worry, please can which ever god or power that you/we/they believe in just cut them a break!

It does remind me though to be very very thankful for family, friends and health right now and of how much more important these things are than material goods and possessions.

Anyway will try and post a catch up over the weekend.

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Home comforts ....

Nothing like making yourself comfy, and my little Toyah is a dab hand at it.

I have been wanting to scrap this piccie for a while and just had an urge (creative this time!) so went with it. Not my usual style as I seem to go for clean and simple, but there is a definite trend for clustering at the moment so thought I'd give it a go.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Do you?

Well ....... ever get unexplainable urges!????

I was doing some quick shopping tonight and whilst meandering around the aisles there was one man in particular that I had a real strong urge just to nip his butt as I passed!

Of course I didn't but I just was so curious to how he might react. Now in my own defence, I have to say here that it was nothing to do with a sexual attraction. He wasn't particularly good looking, nor really what might be my type (based on appearance only of course), and I'm absolutely not looking as I am more than happy with the man who is in my life, heart and head right now.

There was just something about him, which I suspect had a lot to do with the fact that he looked ultra conservative, proper and business like, that I wanted to see how me might react - would it be shock, would he laugh, would he even realise who had done it!

So does that make be bad, bold and brazen??? Well most likely not as I didn't actually do it.

So, do you every have the urge? To do what? Did you? Tell me!

Monday, 24 November 2008

One man's induction to crafting!

Well since we've been dating, I've been chatting to M. about crafting and he's now involved in a whole world that he was previously oblivious to. He now knows where all his local Micheal's and Jo Ann's stores are, and indeed the best routes to take to get there in a hurry, and, has taken to checking out all the sales flyers that come with the Sunday paper. He's also great at letting me know when Costco have any interesting crafting things. A few weeks ago he informed me that they had a Scrapbooking set at a very cheap price - but he didn't buy it for me as it looked more like something a beginner would use and not really for someone of my level - awhhhh what a sweetie! He does makes me laugh ........... a couple of HIS versions of scrapping tools!

CROP-A-DOP - if he hears me working whilst we chat on line he'll ask me, "are you crop-a-doping? Obviously he's referring to the ole Crop-a-Dile, although what I have is the Big Bite, but hey, let's not split hairs. He's doing much better than a crafting lady who came in to our local scrapbook shop and asked me if she could use the "elephant punch"!

CHUNK-A-DUNK - that little thing you'd like for Christmas, the pink binder thing. Ahh that would be the Bind-it-All then lol.

He says he has no clue what the things are but they always have cutesy names - and there lies the genius of the marketing gurus. Give us a cutesy name and a girlie colour and we're suckers for it.

So what Dop-de-Wop, Crop-a-Dop or Chunck-a-Dunk are you hoping Santa will bring this year?

Saturday, 22 November 2008

People say .........

the nicest things. Well at least yesterday one did. I'd been doing my usual briefing with one of the senior managers and discussing generally how things weren't too happy in the world right now. Anyway after we finished she said I'd managed to really cheer her up, she felt great and that I was an INSPIRATION! Awhhhhhh I just thought that was so sweet and nice.

Anyway so on to inspiration, well this fabric CJ I'm involved in has my wee brain cells blinking on and off all over the place. Lou's was next in line, and I have to say both her and Sharon's pages were to die (or should that be dye!?) for. Lou mentioned that she is very interested in all things spiritual ............ and when I think spiritual I think Yin Yang. So this is what I came up with.

The velvet was stamped, then devored, then dyed. Natural wood needle felting on the other side, which I deliberately left quite rought as I like the contrast in textures. Some beading and some of the swirls (doesn't look like a Fancy Pants stamp does it?) on the velvet picked out with hand stitching. I quite like the finished result even though it wasn't what I was planning to do at all! But then, isn't that all part of the fun in creating!

Hasn't the weather turned cold!! Makes me realise that I need more sweaters oh and oil too. I hear prices are to drop over the next couple of months .......... maybe I'll just dip it and see if I can wait!!!!

Hugs to all. xox

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Two in a row ...

but I don't expect I'll keep it up for too long. Just thought I'd share another layout I did this weekend when I was just having some crafty play. I haven't done any scrapping just for me in ages so I really enjoyed my last few projects.

Don't think this would win any awards but I just loved the autumn colours. Obligatory bling included of course - would you expect any less ;oP

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Especially for Paula .............

Well she has rapped my knuckles a couple of times now for being missing in action for such a long long time, so decided I really must update the blog.

So what's been happening? Well I suppose the most important thing is that I am a woman in love! Oh yes indeed, well and truely snagged and bagged. Now of course, you know I never seem able to take the easy route but hey, what's 3500 miles when love someone, right? Mr. L. lives in the USA (oh there's a surprise I hear you say), but at least it is East Coast; Virginia to be kind of precise. I had a wonderful two weeks there back in August which went just so amazingly well that we had to get Mr. L. to Ireland and spend another two wonderous weeks together here in October. Next get together will be on Boxing Day when I head back west for another 10 days or so. All is going better than I could have imagined and I never thought I'd say this, but my ex. E. did me a favour. Mr. L. is the most wonderful, lovely, loving guy I could have hoped for. We laugh a lot together, share very similar views, hopes and dreams. He is definitely one in a million and I am well and truely besotted and blessed.

So for curious minds, here's a little layout I did of my favourite pic of him so far. Who says manly and bling don't go together? I find it so hard to resist putting a lil sparkle on any of my projects!!

Work has been challenging, I now do a national role which means I'm working right across the UK. More travel!! Not filling me with a lot of enthusiasm as it's just so tiring, but there are lots and lots of people who are facing redundancy across the country that I try and focus on being thankful that I am still employed.

I've also been doing quite a bit creatively. The little canvas below is a blatant scraplift of one done by the wonderfully talented Tracie Hudson. No point in trying to improve upon perfection! If you haven't seen her work go and check out her blog she's amazing, so talented.

Sew, what next .... well fabric!!! I did a needlework qualification when I was at school and recently I've joined in a Fabric CJ which has just soooo inspired me to get sewing again. The left hand page is my first page, the one on the right is the page I did for Sharon (Magpie) who's work is amazing - I want to go visit Sharon so she can teach me her wonderful machine embroidery skills!!

OK so is that good for now Paula? I sure hope so!! Promise not to leave it so long next time.

Thursday, 1 May 2008


Sorry I haven't been around for a while but I've been kind of busy with real life stuff! Pain in the rear how it get's in the way of the virtual world - ;o))

Anyway thought I'd share the latest of my little projects. It's a girlfriend mini book, although could be adapted for any celebration or occasion of course. It'll be running on 17 May at Forget-me-not Papercrafts. If you want further details just leave me a note - although I don't expect any of you UKS ladies will need further signposting.

Hope life is treat you and yours well. Will do some blog hopping over the weekend and check in with how you all are. Love n hugs xoxoxoxox

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Go to your room ......

you've been a bad bad blogger!

Well I haven't been around for ages, have I? Thought it was about time I let you know I am alive and well - better than well in fact, tip top form and ready for anything (eh .... well most anything lol).

Work is frantic but good and I have to say just lately it's been so busy that it really did remind me how much happier I am when things are buzzin and I'm trying to fit too much in to my day. Being bored just doesn't suit me.

I've been scrapping and have another little project class planned for Forget Me Not and will try to upload here when it's ready to go. If you have a special girlfriend, then girlfriend, this one could be just the ticket.

I had the pleasure of the company of two wonderful guys yesterday (gutter ladies, out of the gutter!!) and their mom's. What a great day, the evidence of which is below. As you can see I took the opportunity to get some piccie takin practice in too.

Almost have a few panels finished for my photography course finished now. If only the workbook were underway too - is it just me or do we all leave these things hanging weightly around our shoulders until the last minute when we are pushed and stressed!!

Ok so as far as blog goes - hoping that it's not so long before the next post. Hope all you Norn Iron, Jelly and crafting ladies are looking forward to Spring with a lil bounce in your step. Love to you all.

Friday, 15 February 2008

Coming to a Scrap Shop near you soon ......

Alright, well I've been doing some creative stuff and this forms part of a class I'm doing at ForgetMeNot Papercrafts on 8th March.

Had a lot of fun doing this, not too hard, not too time consuming but effective so hoping to see some of you then!

So how was your Valentines Day? Were ya all lurvvveeeedddd up!!?????

Phew, first week back at work, squillions of email etc., but it's good to be back to the land of the livin, guess the ole travelling roadshow continues. Next stop, London!

Monday, 4 February 2008

A quickie

Well in my efforts to sort out my storage and space etc. I had a little jaunt to Ikea with Sam and Mum - well I say a little jaunt, it turned out to take us about 4 hours to get round the store (partly because we had to keep doubling back to find mum bless her!). I found this Lekman boxed which fits their shelves and they actually fit in to the ones I currently have - and even better a sheet of 12 x 12 fits too, conveniently hiding all the bits and bobs inside - cool eh?? Can you imagine the fun co-ordinating your favourite range of scrapping papers with your craft space - ok so I need to get a life ;o))

I'm definitely going to get three more although they stick out the back of my shelves a bit but eventually I'll replace it with the Ikea one. Does anyone else feel like their craft room/space just is consistently in need of one major tidy up!?

Oh and a funny story - walking around Ikea my mum came upon a basket full of hats in the children's dept. She noticed one that she thought would suit Sam and lifted it for her to try on. Mum did a little jump when she found it to be still warm - turned out the hat belonged to the big edjit who was trying on the kiddie hats beside her lol! Leave it to Mum. Oh and I then mortified both Mum and Sam in KFC. They were playing one of my favourite tunes and so I started singing - rather too loudly for Sam lol, imagine her face when I said I was going to get up and dance in front of the counter so I could see myself on their security screen!!

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Blink ........

and it's gone. January that is. Wasn't it fast? At last we're starting to see a little lengthening in the days, you've got to love that - I do because for me it's a sign that soon winter will be over and there will be new life springing forth. All those pretty lime green shoots and leaves, lambs in the fields and hopefully some better weather to get out and about and enjoy nature.

I've been a bad blogger I know, not posting for ages! Been busy around the house trying to tick off some of the projects that I had promised myself I'd do in 2007. Getting there, and it does feel great to be making progress with things that just seemed to be around forever.

Ok I promised I'd show off my bathroom when it was finished - well, it's getting there, but some little bits and pieces to be done. I've tried bribing my pal with the promise of dinner so hopefully in the next week it will be complete. Anyway as it's only bits and bobs I thought I share these pics with you. I'm really pleased with how it's looking - very grown up!

I've been working hard on decluttering too. Definitely therapeutic, and the advantage is the house is tidier, easier to find things and easier to clean.

Oh and some of you may have seen this but those who haven't, I had an experiment with dry run-on decal paper for the computer and made these fancy corners for my boudoir wall. It's just about finished now - only thing left to complete it is some nice rich dark chocolate - now come on girls - a leopard never changes it spots lol!! Some day my prince will come - just wish he'd arrive via airmail rather than pigeon post!

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Time just flies ....................

Where on earth has half of January 2008 just gone??? I know when you are younger your elders tell you that time passes more quickly the older you get, well it seems that they're not joking.

Been working on a scrapbook album for a friend and have probably got about a 5th of it done. 20 years of pictures is a lot to scrap and I do feel quite a weight of responsibility to do the memories justice. I've also signed up for more deco swaps and funnily enough the title of todays post is very much the theme for the page to send to my swapee. It's still drying, so when it's done I'll try and update and post a pic.

Little Toyah seems to be doing ok in terms of health, certainly she's eating fine and just wanting to be with her "mummie" 24/7. We have cracked the sleeping apart though lol, thank goodness, she was waking me four and five times a night and I can't handle that at all.

Bathroom project is still "work in progress", hoping it will be done very very soon and then I can share my latest makeover with you. Never really stops does it? Always something needing done or fixed.

Oh and if you read this before 9pm tonight and have Sky, there's an interesting programme on Sky One on women who marry BNP members or work for the BNP party. I'll probably want to scream and throw things at the tele., but I am fascinated to know how they think and how they justify the unjustifiable!

Catch ya later folks xox

Friday, 4 January 2008

Bring it on ......... 2008!

Well I wonder what this year will have in store for me? Whatever it is I hope that I can meet it head on and rise to the challenge. I'm so glad to see the back of 2007 -not one of the best years on record for me, but such is this journey called life.

I'm looking forward to meeting up with old friends and new and haven't made lots of resolutions. One that I'm going to try is to get back to Yoga. I really enjoyed it when I did it (probably because I'm double jointed and therefore flexible which means I'm relatively good at it - us Leos hate to be average at anything!!). The other is just to get my ar$e in gear with the photography course and hopefully do well at it - even though it's just for pleasure. I have a little business idea I'd love to try out but I need to improve my photography skills in order to explore it.

I haven't put any of my pics up in a while so thought I'd add a couple that I took in November on a cold and blustery night in Blackpool - oh my job takes me to some delightful hot spots!! Pics came out not too bad I think, but feel free to give your opinion lol! At least I've learned enough to have been able to know that I needed to adjust the shutter speed to let more light in!! Small steps, itty bitty steps. So here is (allegedly) the worlds largest glitter ball and a couple of the scupltures along the promenade.

May 2008 bring all my friends health, wealth, love and happiness in abundance xoxox