Saturday, 23 June 2007

It's been a good day ............

So I had a bit of a relaxed start and then headed off down the entry to Forget Me Not papercrafts. Good to see Stephanie, Helen, Karen and Nicola but missing the ole Farting Frog (you gotta know her to love her!) and BelfastGirl, aka Angela. Finished off a Circle Journal (one on Pussy Cats that I'm involved in) and got it posted to Lori in Dundee, Scotland. Then met up with Mom and Sam and headed off to Sprucefield.

We had a multi-cultural festival in Belfast today. A celebration of the Diversity that we now have. It's been a long time coming but it's great to see a broader ethnic melting pot here in the Emerald Isle. Bring it on I say! Ehhhh so is this a case of interracial sheep!???

Friday, 22 June 2007

The Essence of a New Day

Ok so I posted this to my buddy Alvino and he thought I should post this on My Space and blog so folks here it is ............

The Essence of a New Day
This is the beginning of a new day. You have been given this day to use as you will. You can waste it or use it for good. What you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, in it's place is something that you have left behind .... Let it be something good.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

What a glorious evening

and very appropriate for 21st June and the summer solstice, I'm hoping that this is a sign of things to come and that we get the wonderful summer the weather folks have predicted.

Well almost the end of another week. Looking forward to the weekend as always, not too sure what is planned other than a wee trip down the entry (sounds dark and mysterious doesn't it?) but it's my friend Helen's term for our regular trips to Forget Me Not papercrafts down Pottinger's Entry.

I do have lots of home improvement projects in my head though so perhaps I'll get on and do some more of those. Would also like to get out and get some pictures too though oh, and get to the garden centre for some things for my pots and hanging baskets ....... hey don't accuse me of not knowing how to have a WILD weekend lol!

Really want to go to see Oceans 12, maybe I'll fit that in too. Want to get in to the Vegas mood. Still counting the days and looking forward to having a real ball with the girls. Watch out Vegas!

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Failing miserably

To keep up to date with this at the moment that is. Well where has the time gone. Let me think ......... I spent a wonderful sunny weekend at home with my hun and it was lovely that he just arrived in to the back garden like he'd just come home (he had driven the car all the way to Birkenhead and got the ferry) to find me sitting elegantly (well attempting to be maybe) at my little bistro table sipping wine in the sunshine. We had a BBQ with baby sis and mom and generally other than than got seriously loved up!

Last week and this week so far have been pretty busy with other stuff, you know, kinda life! Rotary has been fun though with a day out organised for 60+ special needs kids. We had an indoor kurling competition and by the level of decibels I'd say they had a great time. As did I! Of course can't show the pics here but there are some cool floor level shots of the little uns, let me tell you the concentration on their faces made me smile big time.

And so it is the end of an era for me. Today I offically handed over my beloved Snot Mobile to a lovely young lady who I hope will get lots and lots of trouble free driving from my wee baby.

But bring on the Freaky Freelander! Baby sis can't wait for me to get the roof off (have you the blemmin rain!) and get some nice accessories for it - been watching too many episodes of Pimp my Ride by chance?? I think so!

To the squillions that do read this blog .... (oh how funny am I!) lets hope I don't leave it so long before I post again.

Thursday, 7 June 2007

and another thing

I love this altered pic. What if trees weren't green????

Feeling like a whirling dervish!

Alright, so third time lucky I’m hoping. Seems that blogland doesn’t want to play with me tonight and so this is the third post I’ve tried to upload. New strategy ….. type in word first then copy and paste so that if all goes pear shaped I haven’t lost my mumblings!

Weren’t yesterday and today lovely. I spent all last night painting the outside of my lil abode. I’m hoping that a little bit at a time and it will soon be done. So far all the grey stone work has been done and it’s already making a difference. Still undecided about the colour for my front door. Ah well not at that stage yet so won’t sweat it! I did however sort out my mini water feature and cut off the old daffodil leaves and generally have a wee tidy around. Then with E. arriving tomorrow I thought I’d get the inside sorted so that I could have a more relaxing weekend and spend some quality time getting luvvved up by my hun. He’s bringing my “new” car over on the ferry so I’m a wee bit excited about that. My Snot Mobile is now officially for sale, I will miss the little green beastie as it’s been a very nice car to drive and no trouble – just hoping my next is the same!

Now I’m a bit cream crackered and need to get my weary bones to bed. I might just a glass of the ole vino tinto as a bed time treat for being so industrious. Going to add a couple of piccies of my clematis which is looking lovely and my mini water feature!

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Whizz bang ....

and where did the last few days disappear to!?

Not to worry I guess it's good not to be bored, isn't it? Well nothing too earth shattering has happened in the last few days so I won't bore you with the details. I did manage to put some pics on here so if you go all the way to the bottom you'll get a wee look see at things that make me smile!

Stay well.

Friday, 1 June 2007

Miss You Dad

Well I can't let today pass without mentioning Dad. Three years ago today I was in work as usual when a colleague came to tell me the news. I wrote this to be read at his funeral, but the minister didn't quite comply - not that it mattered, the writing and feeling it was what was important.

I Remember ..............................

I remember my Dad crossing one leg over the other to make a nest for Daddy's Girl to sit in.

I remember my Dad building the biggest and best Dolls House (Bungalow) that a girl could have wished for.

I remember my Dad playing old sentimental tunes on a harmonica.

I remember my Dad building furniture that housed LP's, toys, books and an old radiogram.

I remember my Dad taking apart motorbikes, putting them back together and saying "oh you don't really need these bits!"

I remember my Dad taking me to open my first adult bank account when I got my first job.

I remember my Dad lying in bed awake in the mornings waiting for me to bring his first cup of tea of the day before I left for work.

I remember my Dad, the unemotional man, trembling and tearful as he started to walk me down the ailse.

I remember my Dad who always took water in his Black Bush.

I remember my Dad and how he came to life as he found another victim to listen to stories of his days in the RAF.

I remember my Dad being very proud of us all and hearing what he said to others that he couldn't quite say to us.

I remember my Dad barbequeing in the garden complete with chef's hat and the flames being almost a foot high.

I remember my Dad a willing "grandad" and baby sitter to my two siamese cats.

I remember my Dad and his wonderful curling script writing.

I remember my Dad and him being there for me in his own quiet way when I was going through the worst of times.

I remember my Dad, the ordinary man, with all his flaws and problems, his imperfections and shortcomings and most of all I remember that I loved him regardless.

I miss you Dad.

Busy busy

well I did indeed make at least some use of my day off. Strimmed all the edges of the grass and cut it. Then I started on the painting of the outside of the house. I was going to pay someone to do it, but I live in a bungalow so can reach most of it, sooooo decided I wound go for it and do it myself. I managed to rub down and pain all the key stones and grey detail around windows etc. on the back of the house so feeling pleased with myself. It looks pretty good so only two sides and front to do, then black masonary, then the black gloss then the doors! Now will I change colour of my doors - they are currently a bright rich purple which I love but I did spot a warm buttery yellow in B&Q today and I'm a bit tempted to change it.

The local village school also had it's annual BBQ tonight, they were lucky as the weather was very kind to them. Lots of firemen in trucks, farmers shearing sheep, little 'uns taking part in the talent competition (think 9 year olds singing From Paris to Berlin and doing the Cha Cha Slide!). All quiet now. Oh and I got to meet Foster's real Mum and Dad ............ more on Foster (aka Kiao) later.

Drool drool drool ..........

Well those scrummy beads arrived today and are now in place on my bracelet. It's hard to capture the beauty of it but I am absolutely thrilled to bits with how it's looking now. Only to get a gold lock and some gold beads, but as they are mega expensive I think that they will be special occasion purchases - well unless my hun has a rush of blood to the head!!

More later but for now I really really must get on and do something with my day.