Friday, 15 February 2008

Coming to a Scrap Shop near you soon ......

Alright, well I've been doing some creative stuff and this forms part of a class I'm doing at ForgetMeNot Papercrafts on 8th March.

Had a lot of fun doing this, not too hard, not too time consuming but effective so hoping to see some of you then!

So how was your Valentines Day? Were ya all lurvvveeeedddd up!!?????

Phew, first week back at work, squillions of email etc., but it's good to be back to the land of the livin, guess the ole travelling roadshow continues. Next stop, London!

1 comment:

  1. this is fabulous Mandy!!! great project, im off to crafteire two weeks today , so wouldn't be able to make this class, sorry :( I will be skint!!!!! lovely to hear you are doing well and cant wait to see the roses, how romantic!!!! :) xx