Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Little pouches

Well I've been busy with the sewing machine and must really get my tired butt to bed, but before I do, I thought I'd just make a quick post.

These are a few little pouches I made for The Cat Corner to sell at a street fair this weekend. We have three little kittens, Fang Fang, Felicity and Felicia who need eye surgery. Their eyelids didn't develop fully in the womb and so if they are to avoid serious eye issues they have to have them fixed. It's going to cost around $1500 so we're trying all we can to raise some funds for them. Let's hope that they get is quickly and that the surgery and recovery is speedy and successful. I hope they still look as cute as they do now!!


  1. hey Mandy, these are cute, you need an Etsy shop :) im there .... LOL .... nothing to loose, hope u r well xxx

    Ps im asking and googling everyone, my machine started playing up, needle jamming and thread bunching, done all the checks, bobbin clean out, changed thread u think its packed in?? this happened with my last machine too, I have this one 2 years, but not used much (".) any tips?

  2. Hi Marlou, Etsy is definitely on my radar, just need to make more stock and get it set up.

    Does sound like you have a bobbin issue. Maybe there is a little itsy bitsy piece of thread stuck in the rotating part that holds the bobbin case. Depending on the type and cost of the machine, you might want to get it serviced. I'm not sure who in Belfast does it now but the fabric shop in Carrickfergus/Kilroot might be able to tell you who can. The other thing might be your bobbin tension may just need tweaked a bit. Also make sure you're using the correct weight of thread for what you are sewing and that it's the same thread in bobbin and needed, and make sure the needle is appropriate for the fabric weight too. I never used to appreciate how important the thread and needle choices were but it really does make a difference. Oh and sewing paper on your machine, which you then want to sew fabric on is probably not recommended lol!! Hope that's helpful! Let me know how you get on. x

  3. Hi Mandy :)

    thanks so much for going through that with me, much appreciated :) Mandy i have a mini Janome, it was only £49 in argos, they dont do it now, i bought it to stich on "paper" & "card" (",) then started making little pincushions inbetween, so I think i may have ruined machine, as this happened with last one. Would I need 2 machines? one for paper, one for fabric? .... LOL .. im a nightmare .. LOL ..
    Im not gonna leave it in for service as about 5 years ago it cost me £40 to get serviced on Newtownards Rd, so maybe be better get new one.
    Im not up on thread sizes Mandy ... LOL , i just like to plug it in and go stitching .. hahaha :) I really would love to learn more about it, maybe i should go to Dunelm mills, they sell machines and some of them know a bit about it :)
    OOOOOh cant wait for you to get Etsy up and going Mandy, you are very talented, so you will do well :)
    Do you like living in the States? bet its a different ball game to over here :) much cleaner and not being asked which religon u are etc ... etc.... its great being in touch :)
    I dont have your email, so sorry this was my only way to chat. On Etsy, there is private messaging, which is great, I made a lovely friend from Colorado called Deb, her shop is called Papernpearls, you will see link on my blog, we chat everyday :)
    Are you still into your fancy beads?
    Marlou xx