Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Little steps ...

I've been trying to learn a embroidery digitising programme so that I could do applique patterns ..... finally! Ok so it's a simple shape but now I know the principles I want to have some fun designing others. I had also been meaning to use my ruffler foot on the sewing machine for ages too, I tried my new one but somehow it refused to behave and so I went back to my little Featherweight which had an original ruffler with it.

Well I struggled to get the thing on the machine, and after checking out some more detailed pics online I discovered why. Over the years it had been bent, so after a bit of tugging with the pliers on it went and of course, managed to make fabulous ruffles first time without any issues ..... Horray!

This is the result of my efforts combining both new skills!

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