Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Shiney and new ....

Yep, my furniture that is (well not very shiney but heck I wouldn't want it that way!). All lovely and in place now after much sweat and huffing and puffing - it's deceptively solid and heavy!

This is the sideboard (Doh!)

The coffee table, lots of storage you'll notice, and here is my CD storage - took all of them with half of it empty - so I can buy more music lol!!!!

And finally, La Boudoir!! I know it is over the top but it was just exactly what I wanted for my Louis the whatever look.

House is still a bit upside down, my bedroom still has to be painted and I currently have a bath sitting in the spare bedroom. The bathroom is the next project on the hit list! It will be Le Spa (sometimes I just crack myself up I'm soooo silly!!).

I have been taking proper pictures too though, not ones that involve me, the house or cats lol. Maybe I'll dare to share tomorrow.


  1. very nice Mandy.....i love the one in your bedroom......if only i had the courage to decorate the bedroom like that....but i'd have to get rid of DH and small child first!!!!

  2. ooooo it is lovely, perfect for a house-scrappy=altery party :P ;0)

    enjoy vegas!!!!!!!!!

  3. ooooh it is very very very very very fabulous :) I love the bedroom furniture!!!!!!!! and the lounge stuff is absolutely beautiful too :)

  4. gorgeous furniture Mandy, love the bedroom furniture, its my fave {would love this myself!!!} your house looks stunning :) xx

  5. oooooh Mandy, it all looks just lovely!.