Sunday, 7 October 2007

Tired, tired, tired ...........

I've be hard at it since Friday 1pm. All my new furniture arrived - AT THE SAME TIME! - so I ended up with boxes the size of coffins and bigger in the hall and bedroom with little space to move.

All new furniture now in situ. (much sweat and pushing/shoving, and moving out of all old furntiure) - thanks T and M for picking up surplus stuff!!, boxes broken up and a few journeys to the tip (oh and did you know - and not a lot of people know this!!! I managed to lift old dishwasher in to the back of me Freelander and take it to dump!! Big strong girl I am!!)

Gardens front and back mowed, edges strimmed, bathroom tiles collected and stored ( jez they were heavy little bugg3rs), house kind of cleaned and tidied sooooo phew I'm one tired bunny!

Hopefully will have some pics of new stuff soon. Off to bed for me, it's late and I need my sleep!


  1. my goodness mandy you must be one fit lady!!!! i run the hoover round the flat and thats me flaked out {lol} :) x

  2. Great furniture - LOVE the bedroom, what's your colour scheme?