Friday, 21 December 2007

I Feel Blessed!

Well with friends like these ............................ what else do you need!??

I've just finished making a lil album for my best friend as part of her Xmas pressie (i'll try and take some pics and add them later). How lucky am I? We've been friends for 33 years now, never fallen out, been there through our marriages, her children (to whom I'm godmother), divorces and the good and bad parts of being single ladies of a certain age. I love her to bits and just hope that I have given her half of what she has given me!

Then just a couple of days ago I got these beautiful roses from my Jelly Baby team mates and friends on UKScrappers, for no other reason that they wanted to give me something to smile about! Now you have to realise that apart from one lovely meeting with Ra Ra, these are still "virtual" online friends. I so hope that we get to meet up in person during 2008 - what a special bunch of ladies (and lil squirt!).
So see I am truely blessed - there are a number of others who aren't necessarily mentioned here (the entry gang for example - you know who you are lol!!) but I have so many truely good and thoughtful friends that I am a lucky woman!
Love you all xoxoxoxox


  1. aww the flowers are lovely :) Your teamies are the best!!!

    *snort* rotfl @ the entry gang...

  2. And squirt and I love you too hun 8-) Hoping that 2008 will be a fabulous year for you & maybe a jelly babe meet up too!!!! Axx