Monday, 24 December 2007

Happy Christmas!

To all my buddies and anyone else who happens across this page.

Here's a piccie of my wee Toyah in her new bed - her Xmas pressie! We still miss Thai but we're starting to find our own little twosome routines. I just wish her sleeping on my chest and announcing everytime she gets back on the bed during the night weren't two of them!
Here's hoping that 2008 brings all that you could possibly wish for!


  1. hi, hon :0) just wanted to say thanks for all of your support and friendship. really appreciate it x miss you and the girls - will have to get together soon.

    love and hugs xxxx

  2. Mandy, new year, new beginnings, onwards and upwards!
    Much love, Helen

  3. aaah what a sweetheart in her new wee bed, hugzz to you and kitty, and a very peaceful new year Mandy xx

  4. She is so cosy in that comfy bed
    hope to meet up again soon