Thursday, 17 January 2008

Time just flies ....................

Where on earth has half of January 2008 just gone??? I know when you are younger your elders tell you that time passes more quickly the older you get, well it seems that they're not joking.

Been working on a scrapbook album for a friend and have probably got about a 5th of it done. 20 years of pictures is a lot to scrap and I do feel quite a weight of responsibility to do the memories justice. I've also signed up for more deco swaps and funnily enough the title of todays post is very much the theme for the page to send to my swapee. It's still drying, so when it's done I'll try and update and post a pic.

Little Toyah seems to be doing ok in terms of health, certainly she's eating fine and just wanting to be with her "mummie" 24/7. We have cracked the sleeping apart though lol, thank goodness, she was waking me four and five times a night and I can't handle that at all.

Bathroom project is still "work in progress", hoping it will be done very very soon and then I can share my latest makeover with you. Never really stops does it? Always something needing done or fixed.

Oh and if you read this before 9pm tonight and have Sky, there's an interesting programme on Sky One on women who marry BNP members or work for the BNP party. I'll probably want to scream and throw things at the tele., but I am fascinated to know how they think and how they justify the unjustifiable!

Catch ya later folks xox


  1. Hi Mandy, lovely to hear from you and glad you and kitty are both well!! :) I know , where does the time go???? half way through January!! Delighted you have made a new friend, and I hope that he turns out to be someone really special for you :) hugzzz for you and the kitty xx

  2. glad toyah is doing better and delighted that this man has put a glint in your eye :D now he just needs to be vetted by the NI girls ;0)

  3. Oh Mandy so glad your back in blogland and to hear about that glint in your eye hope it all works out fab