Friday, 4 January 2008

Bring it on ......... 2008!

Well I wonder what this year will have in store for me? Whatever it is I hope that I can meet it head on and rise to the challenge. I'm so glad to see the back of 2007 -not one of the best years on record for me, but such is this journey called life.

I'm looking forward to meeting up with old friends and new and haven't made lots of resolutions. One that I'm going to try is to get back to Yoga. I really enjoyed it when I did it (probably because I'm double jointed and therefore flexible which means I'm relatively good at it - us Leos hate to be average at anything!!). The other is just to get my ar$e in gear with the photography course and hopefully do well at it - even though it's just for pleasure. I have a little business idea I'd love to try out but I need to improve my photography skills in order to explore it.

I haven't put any of my pics up in a while so thought I'd add a couple that I took in November on a cold and blustery night in Blackpool - oh my job takes me to some delightful hot spots!! Pics came out not too bad I think, but feel free to give your opinion lol! At least I've learned enough to have been able to know that I needed to adjust the shutter speed to let more light in!! Small steps, itty bitty steps. So here is (allegedly) the worlds largest glitter ball and a couple of the scupltures along the promenade.

May 2008 bring all my friends health, wealth, love and happiness in abundance xoxox


  1. Happy new year Mandy!!!! love the pics, you are excellent at the ole photography!!! your kitty looks so cute snuggled up there in her cozy bed, hugzz xx

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh Mandy your blog is so unpradictable!!!!!!!!!! c'nt spell

    never know what to expect

    but you just go ahead and !!!!!!!!!!!!have a ball in 2008

    just keep us in touch with your eventful life 11111

    Remember your friends who are tied to the kitchen sink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hey, babe, with you on the 2008 thing!!!!!!

    oooh you must get all those bits and bobs out and start making something :D and do that photography course! you are one talented lady. *gentle kick* :0)

    thanks for the comment on the house :0)

  4. Beautiful photographs Mandy :)

    Hope that 2008 is good for you... you certainly deserve it to be xo

    Oooh and remember if you need a dynamo for any photos, just give us a shout...

  5. fab photos Mandy how did you manage to capture them in the dark? they are lovely ......2008 will just get better and better just you see. hugs