Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Holidays!

Well it's almost here, just another 30 minutes or so until some guy, with bad taste in clothes, supposedly is going to break and enter my house - oh I don't bloody think so!!! Hmmm on second thoughts, if he's carrying a Tiffany's box I don't care if he's b*ll**k naked lol.

Anyway I'm holding off on all my shopping until I hit Stateside. Yep off to Virginia to spend some time with my dreamboat and a bonus is that I get to spend his birthday with him too. Can't wait ... well don't have to for too long now do I.

So a few little piccies. A couple of shots from the continental market which was as the city hall up until last week

Next a wee look at some of my stitching. This was fun! I got to play with some of the disolvable fabric that my pal Angela gave me, and to use some silk from a favourite old skirt that I bought way way back in Portmerion, just a stones throw from the little village where my mum was born. I started this at the end of last month and wanted to do something that represented the frosty weather and sprinkling of snow we had. This is what I came up with ............

Well suppose I'd better get my butt to bed before some nekkid guy arrives with a big surprise for me!!!!!! I hope you have a holiday season filled with love, laughter and all good things, and that 2009, which looks like it could well be a year of trials and tribulations, ultimately will be one of TRIUMPH! Love and hugs to all. xoxox

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