Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Well it certainly is, and how things change! For those of you who haven't already heard, Santa brought me a fiance!!! Yeah, that's right, I am now officially engaged to be married - to a wonderful, funny, thoughtful, handsome, sexy, intelligent, caring, hoarder of a man. So, all being well, it's looks like this lil Northern Ireland gal will be living in the USA in the not too distant future - US Department of Immigration permitting.

I had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, was thoroughly spoiled with great christmas gifts from friends and family and generally didn't want the holiday season to end! M got me a Pink Bind it All, complete with masses of accessories which included a fluffy, snuggly bathrobe, a mega pack of double sided scrapbook papers, a pack of scrummy L'Occitane goodies, and built me a sooper dooper computer with go faster stripes and more lights and whistles than I could ever use, oh and of course the most beautiful, sparkly, mahoosive diamond engagement ring a woman could ever desire! I also got troll type beads and perfume, and at work Secret Santa got me some white chocolate body paint and pink sparkly nipple tassles (what goes on in my colleagues minds I dare not think about!!).

I hope you all had a restful and joy filled break and that 2009, whilst it seems likely to be filled with trials and tribulations, will also be filled with triumphs.

Oh and check out my bling!!


  1. wow, look at that ring!!! very beautiful Mandy! Congratulations again... hoping this year is wonderful for you two xo

  2. bling bling bling!!!!!! so happy for you, when's the party? ;0)

  3. Whoo-hoo!!! Fantastic news! Congratulations to you both!! LMAO at the white chocolate body paint & nipple tassles - bet you'll be using both!!!!!!! LOL! Axx

  4. ooooh look at it sparkle!!!

  5. wow so many congrats Mandy I am so happy for you Hes a lucky guy
    the ring is brill Heres to 2009!!