Tuesday, 15 March 2011

a Baby Quilt

Well it's kind of upcycling as they say here. My sister-in-law gave me these baby crib bumpers a while ago which had the binding and tapes coming off and asked if I could sew it together.

It was a lot more blue last time she saw it and had sports balls on it, but given it was for a little lady I decided to cover those with some flowery type embelishments made from ribbon.

Phew, it took a while and getting all that puffiness through the machine wasn't easy so it's far from perfect but looks quite pretty regardless. Just hope Ms Sofia likes it. Now just to deliver it to the Beach!
Next up .............. I have to make a temporary covering for the kitchen window. No Apples or Shrooms just yet but something to stop any exposure of body bits during late night dashes for drinks. Would never do to scare any unsuspecting Peeping Tom or Tomassina!

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