Wednesday, 23 March 2011

a splash of colour!

......... well nature did all the hard work, I guess I just helped her along by planting the bulbs.

Anyway, it's officially spring as of Sunday past and it's certainly showing here in Virginia. The pots I planted up when we arrived back in October have just shot up in the last couple of weeks. We can't quite get the yard/garden sorted out just yet as there is still a lot to do inside, but, we can see these from the patio doors and they look very pretty. We have a couple on the front steps to greet visitors too. I can't wait to see what they'll look like in a week or so.

I'm wondering when the little humming birds return, so must to a google and see if I can find their migration habits. We have lots of other birds coming along (plus Seamus O'squirrell) to the feeders now so I guess we on their routes, but I'll have to make up some nectar if I want to see the hummingbirds hanging around.

I've also been doing a family tree and have found lots and lots of relatives online that I'd lost touch with over the years. It's addictive and exciting to find out what they are all up to. I think I've even found a couple of american cousins that I haven't seen or heard of since I was a small child. One in Chicago and one in Vegas ........ pretty cool eh???

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