Friday, 20 May 2011

a trip home.

I hadn't been home since I moved west so it was a little overdue. The weather was usual NI wet and cold but as I was just there to see my friends and family, the weather mattered not a jot!

I also managed to pick up my precious (think of lil Gollum type hysterical laugh here). A fabulous little Singer Featherweight 221 machine. I'd spotted it on ebay, a US spec machine in Scotland of all places. I wonder what it's story was and how it got there? Sadly the seller didn't have any clues.

I'm speculating that it made it across the Atlantic on a ship when it was quite young and because of the different voltage used, didn't see much action since. It's in fabulous condition considering it left the factory on 22 April 1947 - that makes it 64 years old. I plugged it in, the original light still works and it purrrrrrs along like a kitten. So will be having a wee play over the weekend. Not sure what I will do first but will share when it's finished.

Isn't it a beauty! Oh and if you are wondering is it a really small machine or a really big cat - hmmmmm well it's a bit of both. The machine is a dinky little thing, our boy Checkers on the other hand, is not!!


  1. Now was this hand luggage or did you slip it into a suitcase? Whichever it was it reminds me of my mother's machine that in my teens I made almost my entire wardrobe on! And it is less than a year older than me!
    MWG xxx

  2. It was in a suitcase Margaret, in it's own case with some old towels and things around it. It did make my bag over the weight limit, but thankfully the nice check-in lady didn't charge me as it was just over and my other bag was a small one! It's amazing how they've stood the test of time. I bet there would be a market for a limited edition run of these little beauties!

  3. My old Singer was a hand-chugger *lol* It was my great-grans, and would be VERY old by now if I hadn't lost it in a house move six years ago. How did I manage to lose a whacking great big hand-sewing machine...? I have no idea *lol*
    Your singer is a beauty! ... and so's the kitty :)

  4. I love this sewing machine its a beauty!