Wednesday, 4 May 2011


OK so inspired by Sheleen and having seen some other friends at this I decided to join in!

Firstly I have to say that I don't actually have a workdesk at the moment. We're still getting the house from a bachelor pad to married couple status and that is taking time! Hopefully some day in the not too distant future (like when the kitchen laundry is finished), I should be at least able to get up to craftyness on the dining table.

So for the moment I am using one of those little fold down TV tables - a challenge all of it's own I tell ya. So what's on it right now. Well I've been putting some unmounted rubber stamps on to some cling foam. Not the most well known brand but a much cheaper version I found on Ebay.
Seems to be working just fine. You might just see the back of an envelope where I took off the access ink after I'd stamped the foam and before I stuck them together. The madame in the bikini if to make some cards for a Beach themed swap I'm part of over at Split Coast Stampers.

The Cook this Not That I bought yesterday. Michael and I are fast approaching that age where we need to look after ourselves better because illnesses and accesses show on the body ............. sigh ........... but it looks pretty good and seems to be a good way to ensure we make healthier choices! I have no idea why there are a pair of Michael's safety glasses doing on there, other than that it is a flat surface lol!

The postcard is from a friend Linda. She is the sweetest and most amazing woman. She volunteers at The Cat Corner along with me but does so much more besides, rescuing kitties who are living in parking lots of local restaurants, strays and friendly ferals. Every year she goes to England where she spends a three week holiday ............... can you guess ................ working at a non profit cat shelter there too. She was sweet enough to send some us a postcard!

So what else has been happening lately, well apart from the little task which is turning out to be a bit epic - that's the fitting of some cabinets in to our laundry area, I've been sprucing up the deck and painted our adirondack chair red. This was an experiment to see if I could coax Michael in to letting me paint the front door - happy to say it worked - the door will be red in the not too distant future lol.

I've also planted up a herb pot to sit by the BBQ so we can pick and use them when we grill, and I've been watching for the Hummingbirds which have returned - horray! In fact it seems we have a bit of a territorial battle going on as I spotted two together this morning. Sadly I doubt that I'll ever be quick enough with the camera to catch their battle for the feeder.

Of course, there's been the arrival of our boys too. More to follow as this has turned into a longer ramble than I anticipated. Ohhhh well, nothing new there then lol!

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  1. Love that mini WOYWW :)
    I can't believe you're having a red front door - I am so jealous!
    I'm excited if I see a finch, robin or bluetit in the garden... and you're talking of humming birds... This green jealous complexion is not flattering!
    Thanks for the mention... so sweet!
    Sheleen aka bubbles