Friday, 19 August 2011

a discovery!!

Although I moved to the USA more than a year ago, all my boxes haven't been unpacked as yet.

Well today I got to the bottom of a couple of boxes of my craft stuff and I found something I'd been missing for ages ........... my Ultimate Glue Pad, all my glitters and Stickles.

Ohhhhh yea!!!!!!! Blingyness will now be resumed.

I also kind of consolidated some of my papers and embellishments and I've decided it will be most likely be mini books and albums for gifts this year. Really really must make use of some of the great stuff I found that I had forgotten about.

Guess between sewing and paper crafting I'm going to be busy. And on that note I must get off the www as I'm off to the other side of the bridge tonight to do some stitching with like minded ladies!

Missin ya already :o)

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