Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Happy times

Well that was a great bank holiday weekend! Not the weather of course, well at least not what we experienced in the beautiful countryside of Suffolk. It was truely terrible, now I expect it in Northern Ireland, but not at the end of May in the South East. Not to worry though, I was with my hun and watched one of my best friend get married and what a fabulous wedding. She looked fantastic - happy, radiant and relaxed and after the ceremony in a quaint little country church, we had a wonderful reception in a marque on the lawns of her in-laws.

Fireworks, free flowing champagne, and wine meant that I danced all night in my high heels and me and my dodgy knee (dislocated in January) were feeling no pain - well at least not until the next morning. My friend C. is a really special person and I am delighted that she has found an equally special man to share her life with. Mr. and Mrs. H. may you have many many happy years together.

Back to the ole porridge today and back to chasing my tail at work and at home. Just seems to be lots and lots going on in both at the moment but at least it keeps me out of trouble, and if you believe that dear friends, you'll believe anything.


  1. Glad you had a ball - apart from the weather! Wedding looks fantastic! Pity they didnt get you and E in focus though! And weren't you the naughty girl - should have been dancin' barefoot, shouldn't ya!

  2. Did you thik we wouldn't notice your blog link in your siggie hun?!!! 8-)
    So pleased the wedding went well despite the rain & that you got to spend some quality time with E!
    As for keeping you out of trouble - I don't believe it!!!! LOL!!! Axx

  3. You look so happy with the fab E Mandy, the wedding sounds a blast,
    in the words of GirlGuiding UK GO FOR IT

    Will explain another time!