Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Executive decision ......

I've decided I'm going to have the rest of this week off as it's generally quiet about the office with most of my colleagues from across the pond being on half term. Although, I am actually doing some work tomorrow but that's for my own benefit.

So, what to do with Friday? Well there is so much needs done both inside and outside that I doubt that I'll have trouble filling the day. So will most likely be garden, painting or sorting out the craft room (which seems like a perpetual task I have to say).

Today I got some pictures from the lovely Becky ( who I commissioned to make some silver core beads for me. I asked for them in a range of red/orange colours and wanted them to have some gold it at all possible (as gold trollbeads are so expensive!) and maybe a couple of animal print type ones. Well I have to say that Becky has amazed me with her lampwork skills and come up more than trumps. Here are the little beauties I should have in my possession by the end of the week. Aren't they just delish!

Becky tells me that now that Uni is finished for the summer she's going to be very busy with the torch, can't wait to see what else she comes up with.

Well a day in Derry/Londonderry for me tomorrow. Now foreigners to our lovely soil may not know or understand why it is a city so wonderful they named it twice - but if you want to know, hit me up and all will become clear!!


  1. The beads look positively scrummy Mandy - so far I have not surcumbed to the temptation of beads, the body but not the beads!

  2. those beads look fab mandy. i got to see a troll bracelet tonight, but not close up in the end cos i was holding a sleepy wee buby!.
    still have decided one way or the other if i'll get one!.

  3. Oh Mandy the beads are beautiful.....such fantastic colours. Ive not made any for a couple of weeks and now feel all inspired to go light up me torch!
    Welcome to blog land.