Thursday, 30 August 2007

A bit sad and worried

unfortunately the ole Jelly Baby weekend has had to be cancelled. Poor Tracie managed to tip a pot of boiling water over herself and is currently in hospital. So thoughts are with Tracie and Dave and the boys - sounds so darn painful too - ouuuchhhh T!!!! Hoping you are soon feeling better.

I thought I'd post a piccie of my lovely jewels, got some new ones. It's kind of an obsession as you can probably tell.

Right well off tomorrow. Lots going on with DIY and home improvement type stuff.

Missing my man madly. Just feels like we haven't had too much time together over the summer - not anyone's fault - just how it worked out. This has left me ......................... well I'm much to polite a girl to post here, but needless to say I soooo need to see him soon!


  1. love the music :D (((hugs))) for you... and look at all those lovely Troll beads... wonderfully pretty :)

  2. sorry to hear your weekend was cancelled... hope you get your man soon!