Friday, 31 August 2007

Right tired I am ...

but had a productive day and started it off with a little bit of a lounge in bed.

Posted off some parcels that I'd meant to do early in the week, then home and started making cushions and curtains for La Boudoir. It's looking good, new furniture is ordered and hopefully will be with me in a couple of weeks so I need to get on and get the painting done too. I'll post some wee pics tomorrow of how it's going. Oh and finally got a replacement dishwasher - just need to find a handy person to fit it now.

I also got an ADS Tech Instant Music widgit. Brilliant! I've been experiementing tonight and have managed to copy some ole vinyl on to the PC, burn a CD from it and also import it in to my iPod - how cool is that!! and all for a princely sum of less that £40. Bargain I say!! It's going to take a while to copy my whole catalogue but heck it will be worth it. I can then store my vinyl out of the way and keep it until it becomes unseemingly valuable when I will sell it to the highest bidder and live the rest of my life crafting and being a lady of leisure.

Hmm so in the meantime, as I don't have any current pics to share, here's how La Boudoir was prior to it's current makeover.

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  1. ooooh beautiful fabric!!! Looking forward to seeing how it looks now :D