Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Slam dunk this Funk!

hmmm not quite sure what happened but I've been in a bit of a funk and finding it hard to get myself motivated, hence nothing new on here for quite some time.

Maybe it was hitting my 46 birthday, although I doubt it, or maybe just that I've had a few niggling and bothersome illnesses which have reared their ugly heads again and left me feeling tired. Awh well not to worry, nothing serious in the grand scheme of things.

Sooo I've been busy buying fabrics and doing stuff around the house. My guest bedroom is almost finshed, managed to recover my rocking chair and as you'll see Thai and Toyah seem to approve!!

I also bought some lovely fabrics for my bedroom and I'm about to order some furniture too. Next up was to be the patio but I think it's going to take a lot more ££££'s than I have at the moment so I might just tart up the bathroom. I'd really like it to be a little (emphasis on the little) luxurious treat - we'll see how the cash goes!

Here's a pic of me, me at 46! Don't think I'm doing too badly, well at least my face isn't. Not so convinced about the rest of me lol.
Oh and finally managed to sign up for a photography course starting in September which I'm really looking forward to. Right off to bed for me now. Hopefully I'll not leave it so long before I update this for my squillions of readers - yeah right!


  1. yes, don't leave it too long next time!

    good to know that you are feeling good & i love that photo!

  2. wow Mandy, that is an amazing photo :) Love the covers you made :)