Sunday, 2 September 2007

Stroke it, touch it, love it ................

that made ya sit up lol! Yep, my Boudoir project is all about sumptious textures and rich colours!! I got up early this morning and finished off the sewing and then started putting it all together. It's not finished as I have to repaint (same colour more or less just freshen it up) and my new furniture arrives in a week or so then I'll post a piccie of the finished room, but in the meantime here's what I've been working on .................

I had thought about changing this to read "Enter at your Peril" but didn't want to be too boastful lol!
Some of my sewing projects!
Soft sheepskin for the tootsies .............. and finally some decadent beaded tassles - nooo not for me silly ............ for the curtains!

So that's it so far. I'm liking it a lot - most definitely a Bad Girl Boudoir!!!!!


  1. oh wow!!! it is beautiful!!!!

  2. Oh it is looking lush mandy - lovely!!!!!!

  3. Hi Mandy, this is beautiful!!!very ooh la la!!
    Thanks for your kind get well wishes, much appreciated and I got discharged today, so im a happy bunny, see you soon
    love Marlou xxx

  4. WOW Mandy that is GORGEOUS!!!! AWESOME!

  5. Oooh Mandy, that looks scrumptious!!! Bet you'll get up to much bad girl behaviour in there!!!! LOL!!! Axx