Sunday, 29 July 2007

Where does the time go ..........

I can't believe I haven't posted all week. To be honest I think that's the result of a very late night/early morning on Monday when my SleazyJet flight was delayed and I didn't get to E's until after 1am in the morning, then London Monday and Tuesday and late home again. Kind of knock's the stuffin out of ya for the whole week.

Ah well, not to worry, I've been pretty productive around the house. My home improvement/DIH (that's Do it Herself for the uninitiated) projects are coming along and hopefully soon there will be some stuff going on here at my abode that I've been waiting for since I moved in.

I had a very quiet weekend, some online stuff chatting with friends, and my mom and sister over for dinner. Shopping with my best friend and generally just enjoying being with my nearest and dearest. I did buy a swimsuit which looks fabulous - should I ever want a career as a Porn Star!! I gave it to my baby sister as she's not so curvy up top as me. I have some funny pics of her modelling it but it's getting late and I need to get my weary a$$ to bed so I'll save them for later in the week.

As usual I've been feeding all my feline visitors, they weren't quite sure what to make of Taz (my sis's doggie) but he's a real sweetie and isn't a cat chasing dog. Somehow I seem to attrack animals (thankfully they're usually only the four legged type lol!).

Only other thing that comes to mind is the Vegas ticker counting down all the time .......... I'll probably bore everyone to tears by the time it comes around. There are now six of us going, so watch out Vegas!! If you've never been, I would recommend it, most definitely a Disneyland for adults, but not half as tacky as you might suspect. There is so much to do there, so much to see, and the atmosphere is just great - my theory is because everyone is there to have a good time, but who knows. Oh and almost forgot, looks like I'll be meeting some of my Jelly Babe team mates from UK Scrappers sooon. Hopefully Ra Ra (Rachel) and I will meet up on Tuesday but then at the end of the month quite a few of us are heading down to Tracie's for a weekend of wobbly Jelly fun! Can't wait to meet the girlies IRL!!!!

I haven't been doing much crafting but I've got so many ideas and things I want to try going on in my head that it can be hard to switch off - maybe I should keep me an Art Journal, because I'm sure just as many won't be remembered as are.

Right well off to the big city smoke again tomorrow and not back for a few days. Catch ya the other side of hump day!


  1. Hi Mandy nice to catch up and read what you've been at. Lookin forward to hearing all about Vegas trip you lucky thing. Craig and I have friends go there every year and wont go anywhere else, they say once you have been there you dont want to go anywhere else.

    Have fun with your DIY :) xx

  2. thanks for the challenge Mandy , I will have to give it a go !! hope you are well xx