Friday, 28 November 2008

Do you?

Well ....... ever get unexplainable urges!????

I was doing some quick shopping tonight and whilst meandering around the aisles there was one man in particular that I had a real strong urge just to nip his butt as I passed!

Of course I didn't but I just was so curious to how he might react. Now in my own defence, I have to say here that it was nothing to do with a sexual attraction. He wasn't particularly good looking, nor really what might be my type (based on appearance only of course), and I'm absolutely not looking as I am more than happy with the man who is in my life, heart and head right now.

There was just something about him, which I suspect had a lot to do with the fact that he looked ultra conservative, proper and business like, that I wanted to see how me might react - would it be shock, would he laugh, would he even realise who had done it!

So does that make be bad, bold and brazen??? Well most likely not as I didn't actually do it.

So, do you every have the urge? To do what? Did you? Tell me!

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