Monday, 24 November 2008

One man's induction to crafting!

Well since we've been dating, I've been chatting to M. about crafting and he's now involved in a whole world that he was previously oblivious to. He now knows where all his local Micheal's and Jo Ann's stores are, and indeed the best routes to take to get there in a hurry, and, has taken to checking out all the sales flyers that come with the Sunday paper. He's also great at letting me know when Costco have any interesting crafting things. A few weeks ago he informed me that they had a Scrapbooking set at a very cheap price - but he didn't buy it for me as it looked more like something a beginner would use and not really for someone of my level - awhhhh what a sweetie! He does makes me laugh ........... a couple of HIS versions of scrapping tools!

CROP-A-DOP - if he hears me working whilst we chat on line he'll ask me, "are you crop-a-doping? Obviously he's referring to the ole Crop-a-Dile, although what I have is the Big Bite, but hey, let's not split hairs. He's doing much better than a crafting lady who came in to our local scrapbook shop and asked me if she could use the "elephant punch"!

CHUNK-A-DUNK - that little thing you'd like for Christmas, the pink binder thing. Ahh that would be the Bind-it-All then lol.

He says he has no clue what the things are but they always have cutesy names - and there lies the genius of the marketing gurus. Give us a cutesy name and a girlie colour and we're suckers for it.

So what Dop-de-Wop, Crop-a-Dop or Chunck-a-Dunk are you hoping Santa will bring this year?


  1. you got a good 'un there Mandy! Made me smile! Oh and love the new blog look, makes me think of a sexy basque!!!!!! Axx

  2. Fab names! Sound better than the real ones! lol!