Saturday, 15 November 2008

Especially for Paula .............

Well she has rapped my knuckles a couple of times now for being missing in action for such a long long time, so decided I really must update the blog.

So what's been happening? Well I suppose the most important thing is that I am a woman in love! Oh yes indeed, well and truely snagged and bagged. Now of course, you know I never seem able to take the easy route but hey, what's 3500 miles when love someone, right? Mr. L. lives in the USA (oh there's a surprise I hear you say), but at least it is East Coast; Virginia to be kind of precise. I had a wonderful two weeks there back in August which went just so amazingly well that we had to get Mr. L. to Ireland and spend another two wonderous weeks together here in October. Next get together will be on Boxing Day when I head back west for another 10 days or so. All is going better than I could have imagined and I never thought I'd say this, but my ex. E. did me a favour. Mr. L. is the most wonderful, lovely, loving guy I could have hoped for. We laugh a lot together, share very similar views, hopes and dreams. He is definitely one in a million and I am well and truely besotted and blessed.

So for curious minds, here's a little layout I did of my favourite pic of him so far. Who says manly and bling don't go together? I find it so hard to resist putting a lil sparkle on any of my projects!!

Work has been challenging, I now do a national role which means I'm working right across the UK. More travel!! Not filling me with a lot of enthusiasm as it's just so tiring, but there are lots and lots of people who are facing redundancy across the country that I try and focus on being thankful that I am still employed.

I've also been doing quite a bit creatively. The little canvas below is a blatant scraplift of one done by the wonderfully talented Tracie Hudson. No point in trying to improve upon perfection! If you haven't seen her work go and check out her blog she's amazing, so talented.

Sew, what next .... well fabric!!! I did a needlework qualification when I was at school and recently I've joined in a Fabric CJ which has just soooo inspired me to get sewing again. The left hand page is my first page, the one on the right is the page I did for Sharon (Magpie) who's work is amazing - I want to go visit Sharon so she can teach me her wonderful machine embroidery skills!!

OK so is that good for now Paula? I sure hope so!! Promise not to leave it so long next time.


  1. That's a great round up of what you've been up to!

    Just missed your blogging, so gently reminders are a must lol!

    Love reading about your new love, glad you found someone that has been you smile again x

  2. Hi Mandy
    Great to see you back in bloggy land
    Missed your posts
    So glad life is so good for you
    On countdown now until Boxing day............

  3. yay for being in love :0) you deserve it!!!!!!

    pmsl - your golf comments had me in giggles. me, hot? nooooo.... frumpy old mommy person!!!!!

    yes we must must must meet up sooon.......................

  4. Good to see you back blogging again Mandy! And absolutely thrilled for you that all is going well with the Virginian man!!! ;-) Roll on Boxing Day!!!! Axx

  5. So good to see you back in the blogging world Mandy, I regularly pop in to see if you have updated, and boy you have done us proud!

    I, or should I say, we, are thrilled to see a piccie of Mr L and to know that you have well and truely found someone who thinks you are as special as we do - fan, blinking, tastic. Wahooooooooo for Boxing Day!

  6. Wahoo! You're back, I've got to add you to bloglines... old computer died with everyones blog details on it, so now I shall never ever ever miss and update ever again.

    PS love your creations! and I've really got to use that tree from the bad girls kit myself...