Saturday, 22 November 2008

People say .........

the nicest things. Well at least yesterday one did. I'd been doing my usual briefing with one of the senior managers and discussing generally how things weren't too happy in the world right now. Anyway after we finished she said I'd managed to really cheer her up, she felt great and that I was an INSPIRATION! Awhhhhhh I just thought that was so sweet and nice.

Anyway so on to inspiration, well this fabric CJ I'm involved in has my wee brain cells blinking on and off all over the place. Lou's was next in line, and I have to say both her and Sharon's pages were to die (or should that be dye!?) for. Lou mentioned that she is very interested in all things spiritual ............ and when I think spiritual I think Yin Yang. So this is what I came up with.

The velvet was stamped, then devored, then dyed. Natural wood needle felting on the other side, which I deliberately left quite rought as I like the contrast in textures. Some beading and some of the swirls (doesn't look like a Fancy Pants stamp does it?) on the velvet picked out with hand stitching. I quite like the finished result even though it wasn't what I was planning to do at all! But then, isn't that all part of the fun in creating!

Hasn't the weather turned cold!! Makes me realise that I need more sweaters oh and oil too. I hear prices are to drop over the next couple of months .......... maybe I'll just dip it and see if I can wait!!!!

Hugs to all. xox


  1. You are an inspiration, so she was right :)

    Love the fabric stuff Mandy!!!

  2. ooooh - love this! can't wait to see it up close

  3. OHH Mandy your arch is wonderful Lou will love it.......

    I have now book marked you on my blog.... I will be keeping an eye on you !!

    Sharon xx