Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Failing miserably

To keep up to date with this at the moment that is. Well where has the time gone. Let me think ......... I spent a wonderful sunny weekend at home with my hun and it was lovely that he just arrived in to the back garden like he'd just come home (he had driven the car all the way to Birkenhead and got the ferry) to find me sitting elegantly (well attempting to be maybe) at my little bistro table sipping wine in the sunshine. We had a BBQ with baby sis and mom and generally other than than got seriously loved up!

Last week and this week so far have been pretty busy with other stuff, you know, kinda life! Rotary has been fun though with a day out organised for 60+ special needs kids. We had an indoor kurling competition and by the level of decibels I'd say they had a great time. As did I! Of course can't show the pics here but there are some cool floor level shots of the little uns, let me tell you the concentration on their faces made me smile big time.

And so it is the end of an era for me. Today I offically handed over my beloved Snot Mobile to a lovely young lady who I hope will get lots and lots of trouble free driving from my wee baby.

But bring on the Freaky Freelander! Baby sis can't wait for me to get the roof off (have you the blemmin rain!) and get some nice accessories for it - been watching too many episodes of Pimp my Ride by chance?? I think so!

To the squillions that do read this blog .... (oh how funny am I!) lets hope I don't leave it so long before I post again.

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