Thursday, 7 June 2007

Feeling like a whirling dervish!

Alright, so third time lucky I’m hoping. Seems that blogland doesn’t want to play with me tonight and so this is the third post I’ve tried to upload. New strategy ….. type in word first then copy and paste so that if all goes pear shaped I haven’t lost my mumblings!

Weren’t yesterday and today lovely. I spent all last night painting the outside of my lil abode. I’m hoping that a little bit at a time and it will soon be done. So far all the grey stone work has been done and it’s already making a difference. Still undecided about the colour for my front door. Ah well not at that stage yet so won’t sweat it! I did however sort out my mini water feature and cut off the old daffodil leaves and generally have a wee tidy around. Then with E. arriving tomorrow I thought I’d get the inside sorted so that I could have a more relaxing weekend and spend some quality time getting luvvved up by my hun. He’s bringing my “new” car over on the ferry so I’m a wee bit excited about that. My Snot Mobile is now officially for sale, I will miss the little green beastie as it’s been a very nice car to drive and no trouble – just hoping my next is the same!

Now I’m a bit cream crackered and need to get my weary bones to bed. I might just a glass of the ole vino tinto as a bed time treat for being so industrious. Going to add a couple of piccies of my clematis which is looking lovely and my mini water feature!

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