Friday, 1 June 2007

Miss You Dad

Well I can't let today pass without mentioning Dad. Three years ago today I was in work as usual when a colleague came to tell me the news. I wrote this to be read at his funeral, but the minister didn't quite comply - not that it mattered, the writing and feeling it was what was important.

I Remember ..............................

I remember my Dad crossing one leg over the other to make a nest for Daddy's Girl to sit in.

I remember my Dad building the biggest and best Dolls House (Bungalow) that a girl could have wished for.

I remember my Dad playing old sentimental tunes on a harmonica.

I remember my Dad building furniture that housed LP's, toys, books and an old radiogram.

I remember my Dad taking apart motorbikes, putting them back together and saying "oh you don't really need these bits!"

I remember my Dad taking me to open my first adult bank account when I got my first job.

I remember my Dad lying in bed awake in the mornings waiting for me to bring his first cup of tea of the day before I left for work.

I remember my Dad, the unemotional man, trembling and tearful as he started to walk me down the ailse.

I remember my Dad who always took water in his Black Bush.

I remember my Dad and how he came to life as he found another victim to listen to stories of his days in the RAF.

I remember my Dad being very proud of us all and hearing what he said to others that he couldn't quite say to us.

I remember my Dad barbequeing in the garden complete with chef's hat and the flames being almost a foot high.

I remember my Dad a willing "grandad" and baby sitter to my two siamese cats.

I remember my Dad and his wonderful curling script writing.

I remember my Dad and him being there for me in his own quiet way when I was going through the worst of times.

I remember my Dad, the ordinary man, with all his flaws and problems, his imperfections and shortcomings and most of all I remember that I loved him regardless.

I miss you Dad.


  1. Mandy, this is a wonderful tribute to your father.

    (PS - old account info below as it won't take typepad)

  2. Oh Mandy - this is beautiful x

  3. oh my - lovely words about your Dad x I'm choked

  4. Sending you belated {{{{hugs}}}} Mandy. A beautiful way to remember your Dad, it's made me well up and laugh too 8-) Axx

  5. Mandy what a wonderful and beautiful memory of your father, it has put my mind into action with half remembered memories of my father, perhaps we should all commit our memories to paper and the special phrases and saying that go with them.

    Thank you for the shared memory and the inspiration to follow by example.

    MWG xxx