Friday, 1 June 2007

Busy busy

well I did indeed make at least some use of my day off. Strimmed all the edges of the grass and cut it. Then I started on the painting of the outside of the house. I was going to pay someone to do it, but I live in a bungalow so can reach most of it, sooooo decided I wound go for it and do it myself. I managed to rub down and pain all the key stones and grey detail around windows etc. on the back of the house so feeling pleased with myself. It looks pretty good so only two sides and front to do, then black masonary, then the black gloss then the doors! Now will I change colour of my doors - they are currently a bright rich purple which I love but I did spot a warm buttery yellow in B&Q today and I'm a bit tempted to change it.

The local village school also had it's annual BBQ tonight, they were lucky as the weather was very kind to them. Lots of firemen in trucks, farmers shearing sheep, little 'uns taking part in the talent competition (think 9 year olds singing From Paris to Berlin and doing the Cha Cha Slide!). All quiet now. Oh and I got to meet Foster's real Mum and Dad ............ more on Foster (aka Kiao) later.

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