Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Day One

said in a thick geordie accent a la Big Brother.

Well I am a work in progress, no doubt about it but our tutor told us to go forth and take pictures! I felt a bit of a plonker with my tripod and all but I guess I'd better get used to it if I'm to get better. I did try some manual changes to ISO settings and apeture etc. but also tried hard not to fall in to the rapid fire trap (so only took maybe 15 or 20). Out of those there are only two that I think are so so.

Here is Carrickfergus by night! Was very disappointed to learn that they only light the Castle up for special occasions - flippin heck Carrickfergus Borough Council - not too many places have a wonderfully preserved historic castle in their town - light the darn think up folks!!!!

Then I took a wee dander along the harbour and this is what I came up with. I quite like the fact that the people walking are blurred.

Well I'm hoping that through this blog I can keep track of my development and see how I get along. No doubt there will be more later this week. Our first challenge is to produce two panels of six pictures on a given theme (these are set), particularly difficult for me (as I don't normally picture people) is the fact they must have people in them ..... so the castle wouldn't make it and the harbour would - well if it was a decent pic it would!


  1. very impressive M; especially love the mood of the 2nd one. And out and about with a tripod, too!!!

  2. So they should light the castle up! Love the piccies too. If I could take ones like that I'd be a very happy bunny! Good luck with the course hun. Axx