Saturday, 22 September 2007

I've been a bad girl ................

and went and bought myself a new toy! Yes after a couple of years of debating, I decided I'd upgrade, particularly as I'm doing the photography course.

Ok so I haven't had time to read through the manual yet but still went out and had a play this evening. Here are the results. This my neighbour's cat Sebastian - isn't he a handsome fellow! He thinks that I'm his part-time mummy and with those beautiful eyes he is hard to resist.

Next up is Jess. I met Jess in the local park with her owner. He had found her abandoned in the very same park almost one year ago, skinny and flea ridden. She is a real sweetie and he asked me to take her pic, so how could I refuse.

Ok so next stop was off to the shore just before it got too dark to do anything more - well at least more than me or my new toy was capable of! I managed to take this picture which I'm quite pleased with, it almost makes Belfast city lights look quite glizty.

and just to finish off, another picture of the lovely Sebastian who was the most patient model - probably more to do with the ever hopeful notion that I might give in and get him some more cat biscuits!

Well that was tonights offering. Depending on what the weather is doing I might have a wee trip out again tomorrow to try something else.


  1. excellent photos Mandy, of course i love the doggie :) the kitty is cute too. Lookin forward to seeing more pics, xx

  2. So go on... make me jealous, did you get an DSLR??? and if so, which one?

  3. OHHHHH a new Camera!!! Isn't it fabby :D Great Start for the course!!

  4. got so caught up in being jealous that I forgot to say that the photos are beautiful! The kitty looks such a poser! :) hehe...

  5. you bad girl you.....but the photos look fab lol, have you read the mannual yet????

  6. those pics are great! Beautiful shot of Belfast lights!!!