Saturday, 15 September 2007

Mixed fortunes

that's how the last few days have been. E. was over last weekend and of course, as always, that was lovely. We went to the Prom's in the Park at Carrickfergus, was a nice night but too many people for the space they had allocated. The castle did look very pretty and I definitely want to head their again some quiet and still evening to take a few photos. We had a very chilled and loved up weekend - just what was needed for both of us I think. Ohhh and E. approved very much of La Boudoir, and yes, it lived up to it's romantic looks lol! Next project is the bathroom.

Early last week was pretty uneventful, but Wednesday my Freelander got sick and died, turned out to be the fuel pump and so was housebound for a couple of days and shed some serious £££££ yesterday. Anyway such is life at least it didn't happen on some remote road when the rain was chucking it down etc. and the lads at the garage are very reasonable when it comes to labour costs etc. Just hoping that I get a free run now for at least a year!

Right off to measure the bathroom for tiles. Hope that your weekend is a happy and blessed one.


  1. Hey Mandy, sorry to hear of the wheel trouble {cars!! money boxes}
    I got my bracelet filled, im posting up a pic of it later on my blog. Glad you had a nice evening with E {i dont know what that stands for ?? Eddie, am i right?? lol}
    enjoy the weekend, be good xxx

  2. Mandy :) glad you had a great time with E, the castle is beautiful in the evening :) Glad the car is sorted, hope that it behaves for you for a good while :)

  3. Glad you enjoyed Carrick Castle - it is lovely isn't it! Sorry about the car xx