Sunday, 1 July 2007

Yeahhhh ...........

Well now I've discovered how to add some music video here too, so now I can subject visitors to some of what I love to listen to and perhaps just introduce you to something you've not heard before.

Been so busy of late haven't had time to catch up on here. Looking like the next couple of weeks will be the same - grrrrr - I do like my down time. Got quite a bit of travel on with work and will be teaching a scrapbook class in Forget Me Not papercrafts on Wednesday night. It's Sam's (my baby sister) birthday next weekend and I've got her a brill birthday surprise, well at least I hope it's something she likes.

Wonder where the summer has gone, or if we'll get the fabulous weather they predicted a while ago - don't you find all this rain depressing - or is it more so to me because I'm one of those people who is ruled by the only sun sign - LEO!?

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