Thursday, 5 July 2007

Slow down girl .........

order to myself! Been a frantic start to the week and seems like I've been an emotional sponge, mind you whenever I do any psychometric profiles it does seem that that is my role in life. Lots of issues to deal with as a result of the day job and there are days when it feels like a mighty ole weight on my shoulders. No doubt this too will pass but I'm really feeling in need of some down time. ROLL ON VEGAS ........... boy is that a party town, can't wait to get their and get down lol!

So just thinking that yesterday, en route to the airport, I've noticed that there is a lady who walks her dog early in the morning. I've seen her a few times now, and she obviously walks her Golden Retriever the same route each day. There is one particular place where they come to a field with a gate which is filled with our bovine friends, and here they stop .... her lil dog obviously likes these fellows because he stands at the gate wagging his tale saying hello. It really makes me smile because I doubt very much that the doggy speaks cow language, yet here he is obviously pleased to see these big black and white chaps, and they come to the gate and have a good ole sniff of the dog. Two completely different species being friendly and saying hi, how are ya!! How come we are the same species but different colours and some of us can't even manage to be civil to one another!?????? Anyway even with an O'whataridiculoustimetobeheadingouttowork O'clock time, it brings a smile to my face!

So tonights prayer - Lord, may I never loose my ability to delight in the small wonders of nature!

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  1. Hi Mandy!!! thanks for visiting me :) and what a mooooving story bout the cows. If only humans could conduct themselves like this, what a wonderful world this would be (that sounded like a line from a song i know, cant think of him)

    C ya soon
    Take care xx {enjoyed class}