Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Busy busy

as usual. I've had a few days off and amongst other things was determined to get my spare bedroom decorated. It's been kind of half heartedly decorated since I moved in 7 years ago and was well overdue an extreme makeover. It's almost done now, really just furnishings to move (when I get new stuff for my own boudoir) and some pics and bits and bobs. I found a lush rug today and some scrummy fabric with 10% off at the Cotton Print Fabric Shop, lots of texture ...... and then managed to find some toning cushions from Debenhams reduced from £30 to £9 - bargain!!

Oh and I've been tagged by Marlou so I guess I'd better answer the 7 questions/facts below!

1} I used to ....... play the Cello and was a member of three orchestras.
2} In my whole lifetime, I have moved ...... 5 times {not too many and unless it's to the USA (I wish! lol) none pending}
3} Neil Armstrong (astronaut) ......... shares the same birthday as me {5th August and no funny comments about space cadets pluuease!}
4} I like to ............. take long haul flights alone, I meet the most interesting people!
5} I hate ......... snobbery and people who are sanctimonious.
6} Last movie I saw was ........ Spiderman 3 {at Lakenheath with my hun, typical boy's movie!}
7} When I was a child I used to ........ eat the funny shapped and coloured dog biscuits, I swear that why I have good strong teeth lol.

Right hoping that's enough of a 'fess up for you. I haven't tagged anyone officially, but ladies if you want to play along feel free (I just don't have that many bloggin friends and those that do are busy ladies so this is going to be a voluntary tag!)

Oh and I did manage some crafting recently too. Here's a double layout I did for a Moggie CJ I'm taking part in - my two furbies!

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  1. AAh thanks Mandy for playing tag, your a good sport!! :) also thanks for adding me to your link list )))) < these are big smiles on my face when seen my name added. I cant add you until you give me the go ahead as i know you are not wanting to become famous just yet{lol} take care, oh love the rug ooh lala and the layout xx