Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Trouble wi' waterworks!!

Not my own personal plumbing (mind you, on reflection, that would probably be a lot cheaper to sort out!), but that of my lil abode. I got a new washing machine delivered today and of course there had to be something not quite straight forward. The waste hose wasn't long enough to stretch behind the dishwasher and all the way to the waste outlet without an extension. Of course the nice delivery man happened to be a plumber in his spare time and for a fee would come back later and sort it, but determined ole me decided to try myself. Soooo after much ado, I'll not bore you with the details, a couple of trips to local B&Q and one very helpful roll of PFTE tape later, the machine is working, no leaks, and another thing of my list of "plumbing stuff to sort". Wish I could find me a nice Mr. DIY, tall, dark (very dark lol), handsome, genuine, honest, not too clingy, own teeth and hair, to help out around here ......... oh hang on, I have one, only thing missing is the DIY ........... damn, back to the drawing board!

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  1. your a sketch Mandy, so your ready to go public then??? I'll get you addded to my link list, I could have given you the rockin blogger thingy {awe} anyhow im sure some other award will float along some other day. Hope your water works are back in action x