Sunday, 8 July 2007

Yeee Haaa!

What a weekend that has been ...... busy and full and pretty good actually.

Sam's birthday was yesterday and we had a fabulous relaxed late and somewhat boozy lunch with mum in Cafe Vaudeville, and if you ever hit Belfast, let me tell you the food is absolutely delish! I love the burlesque feel to the place, very tart's boudoir ...... bit like my bedroom actually lol. She was more than pleased with her pressie, a Troll Bracelet with Freya lock, a little silver crab bead (as she's a cancerian obviously) and half a dozen glass ones. A really good day for one and all!

Today has been busy too, packed up my office stuff as I'm moving offices tomorrow, same building just different/bigger space, then a lil shopping, back home and out to cut the grass (that' s the yard for my USA friends!) before we got hit with another of those really heavy storms, then inside to tidy up. Had a wee visit from my bestest friend, Carol and then some more tidying. Right now I'm about whacked and ready to sleep. Sooo I'm going to pour me some Butterscotch Schnapps and get my ass to bed. Busy week ahead too, hey ho, all in a days work.

But just before I retire I had a look at some friends blogs ....... she had this little test and I love messing about with these things so ...... here's the result! Click on the piccie to take it yourself.
What color is your soul painted?


Your soul is painted the color orange, which embodies the characteristics of balance, heat, enthusiasm, flamboyance, playfulness, aggression, over-emotion, danger, desire, strengthens the ability to concentrate, attraction, adaptability, and stimulation. Orange falls under the element of Fire, and symbolizes glory and fruits of the earth.

Personality Test Results

I'm liking that, do you think we see in these what we like? It it pretty accurate expect for the agression, 'cause although I'm a Leo, I'm a real pussy cat - you remember Puss in Boots from Shrek? Right?


  1. a boozy lunch - fabulous!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL if you help me conquer sewing, I owe you WAY more than helping you with a bowl!!!! (I am possibly the worst student you could have PMSL!)

  2. Oh I love cafe Vauder wotsit!! Very yummy indeed and I love the decor :D